Word Blogging with Pictures

I was trying to blog with MSWord after I noticed few days back MS added this feature just before they released Word. So I tried to setup my blog in Word with blogger but the problem is I cannot upload pictures to blogger from Word. It keeps throwing me the error that it cannot publish pictures to this blog and when use the more information button it takes me to the same one pager help that is available. On this one page help they talk about using photobucket, imgspot etc. Ok now I set up my account on the photobucket and change my picture options to photobucket link. Well, I knew this was not going to work because photobucket requires username and password to upload pictures but word does not accept any username and password. So now I try some free upload sites like imgspot. Well I would guess at least the free websites would work. Same error and same one pager info!! Again!! And finally I tried with wordpress. I had to setup my account at wordpress . You need to setup your free account for blogging here. After you login you will get some geeky number blog which you can change in the settings page like this


Now how do you setup your blog to upload pictures?. Well there is nothing to setup for pictures with wordpress. For wordpress it Word did it for me like this. Ofcourse you have setup your account like this

And in picture options select myblogprovider like this


And that is it. If you are reading this post with pictures in it ..then my first blog with pictures worked….