Deploying OBIEE Presentation Services outside the Firewall (BI Plug-in).

It if often the case that OBIEE need to be accessed by the users who are outside the corporate LAN.

For such deployments there is one web server box which is usually out of the DMZ.

I am going to use JBOSS application server as my server which is outside of the LAN that any user can access.


  1. Copy the Analytics.ear file from the D:\OracleBI\web directory

2. Paste the analytics.ear file to the deployment directory. In case of the JBoss this directory is usually like this


3. Start the server and make sure there are no errors in the deployment.

JBoss before starting to deploy the analytics.ear file


4. Access the application (analytics) from the browser. Please note that JBoss automatically redirects user to the presentation server.

Port on which the presentation service is redirected to, can be configured in the web.xml file of the JBoss. In this installation

I am using the default port so no changes were made to web.xml.





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