PeopleSoft Integration Broker and Web Services

PeopleSoft Integration Broker and Web Services

Integrating PeopleSoft to external systems using web services is similar, if not simpler, to integrating to third party systems prior to “web services” age. Today, I will try to go through step by step instructions to integrate PeopleSoft with google web services API. If I have some time this weekend, I will try to go through the same with Amazon web services.

Google WSDL is located at this URL Google WSDL.

1. Import the WSDL

PeopleSoft lets you create the messages, queues (called channels before), routings (called transactions before) and service operations and services manually or automatically. Before web services you had to create all these (except services and operations) manually. With WSDL, all these are automatically created for you once WSDL import it done.



2. Verify all the required service operations are created.



3. Create request and response code

Based on the WSDL and request message parameter you need to create the SOAP request.

Local SOAPDoc &SOAPDoc;

Local XmlNode &lnodeEnvNode;

&SOAPDoc = CreateSOAPDoc();


&lnodeEnvNode = &SOAPDoc.EnvelopeNode;

&lnodeEnvNode.AddAttribute(“xmlns”, “urn:GoogleSearch”);


&SOAPDoc.AddMethod(“doGoogleSearch”, 1);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“key”, “00000000000000000000000000000”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“q”, “BPEL”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“start”, “0”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“maxResults”, “5”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“filter”, “true”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“restrict”, “”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“safeSearch”, “false”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“lr”, “”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“ie”, “lang_en”);

&SOAPDoc.AddParm(“oe”, “lang_en”);

&lxmlDoc = CreateXmlDoc(&SOAPDoc.GenXmlString());

&lmsgGoRequest = CreateMessage(Operation.DOGOOGLESEARCH);

MY_LDAP_TEST.RAWXML1.Value = &lxmlDoc.GenXmlString();


&lmsgGoResponse = %IntBroker.SyncRequest(&lmsgGoRequest);

MY_LDAP_TEST.RAWXML2.Value = &lmsgGoResponse.GenXMLString();

4. Test the code

I created a simple page which will trigger the code above. Here is the request and response. You might need to get Google API key. I had to change one in the screen shot (sorry)


















Displaying Images in OBIEE

1. Upload the images to following two folders


D:\ORAHome\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res\s_oracle10\images (Oracle application server install)


D:\OracleBI\web\app\res\s_oracle10\images (OBIEE install)



2. After adding images to the folders you need to restart the presentation services



3. In answers, edit the title view and add the following



In dashboard you can use the same with image or link and fmap:impages/your_gif.gif


SQL Server Date Time formatting

Datatime manupulation in SQL server